Reduction in Fuel Cost and Consumption :

Vehicle tracking systems have proved to help the companies reduce fuel consumption and thereby, fuel cost. Through tracking, activities like fleet idling and speeding can be effectively monitored which are known for additional and unnecessary fuel consumption. GPS tracking reports and alerts can help a fleet manager recognize inefficient driver who indulge in unauthorized usage.

Improved Fleet Productivity :

Real time vehicle data is accessible in just a matter of few minutes. By monitoring fleet activity, dispatching process can become easier. Fleets can be properly matched to the driver so that productivity increases and jobs can be done on time. Rerouting possibilities can also be made efficiently, in case a problem arises.

Reduction in labour cost :

Fleet tracking device can give you apt information to analyze the driving pattern of your pattern. Does he speed? Does he use the company assigned vehicles for unauthorized usage? What’s his drive time? Based on the driving pattern, you can also match the vehicle to driver to route. Your labour cost can be monitored and reduced.

Improved Customer Service :

You can keep your customers happy by keeping effective check on your vehicle. Always knowing the accurate location of your vehicle will help you respond faster to emergencies and customer queries take on more customers and complete your job on time.

Theft Recovery :

You don’t have to fear constantly about the safety of your vehicle. Knowing its location at all times means you can quickly recover it in case your asset is lost or stolen.

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