What is GPS?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It consists of a constellation of 28 (actually 24 active and 4 spare) satellites orbiting the earth, owned and operated by the US Department of Defense. A GPS receiver receives signals from GPS Satellites and by tuning into signals from three or more satellites, it can compute its precise position on earth (latitude & longitude) as well as other parameters such as time-of-day, speed, direction, etc

How does GPS Vehicle Tracking work?

Our GPS Tracking devices contain two modules :
1. GPS module: This module will allow the device to get its location from the GPS satellites.
2. GSM module: This module acts almost as a cell phone. It transmits the information received from the GPS module to the cellular networks and from there to our servers.

Once the information is received in our servers, a special software process it and presents it to you in our GPS Tracking Desktop ,Web and Mobile Application.

What If i Go Somewhere Without GSM Coverage? Will i Loose My Tracking Data?

NO! The device has build in FLASH storage. The unit memory can store data of tracking information. All the stored data is then transmitted to our servers when the GSM signal in restored.

Is GPS device installed in a vehicle visible to anyone?

No, GPS device is installed in such a way so that it is not visible to anyone. Our Technicians ensure that the device is hidden securely.

How much time does it take for Installing a GPS device in the vehicle ?

Installation generally takes 20 to 30 minutes depending on the complexity of the car. The higher the model the more time it takes for installation since wiring has to be done in a proper way .

Can I install the Tracking Device myself ?

We would recommend this device to be installed by a trained professional of the company. You can install this device if you are fully aware of the wiring in a car.

What is the Power Source of a GPS device ?

The device gets its power from the battery of the vehicle.

What if anyone disconnects the device ?

Don’t worry , in case of disconnection you will get an alert .However device has its own internal battery which can last upto 3 Hrs which gets utilized when it is disconnected from the main Battery.

Do you have any Certification?

Yes our devices are CE and MTI Certified.

Does your System work all Over India?

Our System work in all areas where GPRS network is available.

What Maps do you use ?

Our System has been integrated with 2 Maps ie Map My India and Google Map.

Do I need to buy SIM Card ?

No, Sim card is provided with our GPS Device.

Where can I check the location of my Vehicle ?

You can check the Location of your vehicle on any of the Three Application , Desktop, Web based on your PC or laptop (with Internet Connectivity) and Mobile App by Login with your User id and Password.

From where I can download the Desktop Application?

You can download the Desktop Application from our website Fastrackerz.com/download and start using it.

What is the URL for accessing Web Application?

The URL is www.fastrackerz.in .You can access this URL from any web Browser.

From where can I download the Mobile Application?

The Mobile App is available on Google Play , Apple Store for download.

Can More than one User login at the same time in the Application?

Yes, multiple users can login under the same username/password. Alternatively you can setup separate accounts for each user. It is also possible to have different access level rights for each user.

Can I see where my car was some days back ?

Yes, Of course all the data is stored on our servers for a period of upto 6 Months. You can see exactly where your car or truck was at a given point of time.

Can I input Vehicle Compliance and Driver details?

Yes you can input Driver details like License No., Expiry date ,Vehicle details like Pollution Expiry, Service details in the Application.

Can i Immobilize my Vehicle?

Yes ,you can immobilize your vehicle remotely from all three Applications Desktop, Web and Mobile in case of any Emergency.

What if my Vehicle is Stolen , any Guarantee from Fastrackerz?

No, we don’t provide any guarantee of recovery of Vehicle if it is stolen.

Do you have 24X7 Customer Care Support?

Yes we have 24X 7 Customer Care Centre to resolve your queries.

What all alerts I can get from the Device?

You can get Over Speed,SOS ,Battery Backup,Tow, Engine On,AC On alert depending on the type of device.

How will I get the Alert , it will be in form of Notification ,Mail or SMS?

The alert will be displayed in the form of Notification and Report in the Mobile App. However u can get an Email or SMS for the same if you get them enabled from Fastrackerz at applicable rates.

Are these Alert Messages Paid?

Yes. The SMS alerts are chargeable nominally.

Is there any Warranty for the GPS device?

Yes, there is a 12 Months warranty on the device.

Where I can call for any Support or Queries related to Application ?

You can Call on our 24x7 Customer Care @ 0120-4607080 for any Queries related to Application.

What if my GPS device is not Working?

You can register your Complaint by Calling the Customer care or Service team @0120-4607080 so that the technical Person will check and resolve it.

Can we shift the device installed in a Vehicle to another vehicle ?

Yes the device can we shifted from aVehicle to other Vehicle by our technical person with Nominal Charges for the same.

How I can renew my Subscription after the Expiry of Validity?

You can directly pay the Subscription online from the Application or else you can send request to Collection team for payment Collection from the Mobile App. or also you can call the Collection team on 0120-4607080 for Payment Collection.

What are the other solutions do you provide other than the vehicle tracking device ?

We have an extensive list of very valuable solutions like real-time Fuel Monitoring, Temperature Monitoring ,One way/Two way Communication and many more along with tracking for a vehicle. Apart from that we have Customised and Android Solutions for various Verticals.

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